Krone Module Single Pair Lightning Protector, Disconnection Module 5-Point Protector, Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection Unit

  • Features:
    1. Item Code: STPU
    2. The Single Pair 5-Point Lightning Protector is designed for the complete equipment of Krone connection and disconnection module, and switching module, for Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection functions.
    3. Material of Plastic Parts: PBT/ABS/PC, Fair-Resistant
    4. Color of the Protection Unit: White, Red.

  • Technical Specifications:
    1. Material for Cooper Parts: CuSn6.5-7.0P
    2. Plating for Sn: 1U—3U (Could Also Be plated With Silver)
    3. Max Operation Voltage: (a/b-e, a-b): 180V
    4. Max Operation Currency: (a/b-e, a-b) @25C: 120Ma
    5. DC Spark Over-Voltage Arresters@100V/s (a/b-e, a-e): 230V+-20%
    6. Max Output Voltage@1 KV/Mju S (a/b-e,a-e): Less Than 350V Or Less Than 450V
    7. Nominal Arrester Surge Currency: (8/20 Mju S, a/b-e): 5 arms
    8. Insurance Resistance for Arrestor@100V DC: More Than 1000 M Ohm
    9. Nominal De-Coupling Resistance (a-a’/b-b’) @25C: 10 Ohm+-20%
    10. Max Trip Currency, PTC @Vmax=230Vrms : 1 arms
    11. Capacitance(1 MHz/1Vrms,a/b-e,a-b): 50pF
    12. Operation Temperature: -20℃---+60℃
    13. Storage Temperature: -40℃---+80℃