High Density Main Distribution Frame for Central Office, High Capacity Distribution Frame, MDF Terminal Block Frame

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer provides High Density Main Distribution Frame, High Capacity Distribution Frame for Central Office, and other telecom products.

  • Features:
1. Item Code: STHMDF
2. Applicable to FTTB indoor Connection (OLT Central Office Distribution).
3. Installed with 10 pair IDC module for copper connectivity distributions.
4. Designed for the 10 pair disconnection module, 100 pair MDF terminal block (as MDF Terminal Block Frame) and 128 pair testing block.
5. Material: Cold Rolled Steel.
6. Double-side installation for modules: modules can be installed in each horizontal column and terminal modules in each vertical column, which are connected respectively to the internal and subscriber lines with jumpers in between.
7. Suitable for overvoltage and overcurrent protection system.
8. Modularized frame structure: Anodic oxidized high-intensity aluminum profiles free the installation from drilling.
9. Easy operation & maintenance: All operations, including the termination of internal & subscriber lines, testing, alarm system observation and troubleshooting, are done in the front face; the maintenance and testing of a line will not affect other lines.
10. High Capacity Main Distribution Frame could also be application as telecom copper cable Cat5e (UTP or FTP) or copper cable go with fiber optical cable and distributed in buildings.