Main Distribution Frame 690-700-800-1380-1400 Pair, Modular Distribution Frame, Krone MDF Terminal Block Frame

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer provides Main Distribution Frame 690~1400 Pair, Modular Distribution Frame, MDF for Krone Module, etc.

  • Description:
Item Code: STMDF
Main Distribution Frame is modular design, which can be wall mounted or installed back to back for free standing applications. Single and double vertical versions are available.

  • Features:
1. The Modular Distribution Frame is installed with connection/disconnection modules in KR system.
2. LSA-Plus and LSA-Profile types available.
3. Capacity: 690 Pair, 700 Pair,800 Pair,1380 Pair,1400 Pair.
4. Adjustable feet, height adjustable from 2000mm to 1850mm.
5. High durable, rigid frame factory assembled from coated steel.
6. Back mount frames of MDF are made of stainless steel.
7. Both security block and test block are equipped with dual clip, terminals, when cutover outside lines mat be not disconnected, clipping wires and cutting lines will be finished at the same time, the connecting is quick and reliable.
8. Hard wearing, coated steel jumper rings, wire guides and fanning strips for efficient cable management, frame design allows easy access to top jumper rings.
9. The Krone MDF Terminal Block Frame is suitable for over-voltage and over-current protection system.
10. Fully earth bonded, meeting IEC regulations, earth bar and clip are available for the Main Distribution Frame.