VX Terminal Stubbed Block, 10 Pair 15 Pair 20 Pair 30 Pair STUB Module, Connection Module, Drop Wire Module

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer provides VX Terminal Stubbed Block 10~30 Pair, STUB Module, Connection Module, etc.
  • Description:
1. Item Code: ST VX-TM
2. The VX Terminal Stubbed Block is developed for guaranteeing the simple, reliable and maintainable joint between the pairs of distribution cable and the chains of user installation or the ancillary circuits from the service equipment.
3. The construction of VX Terminal Stubbed Block ensures electrical protection and testing of lines, and because of the application to 5- polar insertable VX Terminal Stubbed Block is provided both the through connection and the number of other functions, as a result of which it is ensured the efficiency of the modernization of the allowed services without the resealing of the connections of wires.
4. For the use for such purposes, the VX Terminal Stubbed Blocks of the end fitting are arranged by the units of modules down 5 pairs, by maximum capacity to 50 pairs (with the step of a change in the capacity, equal to 5 pairs). The additional connection of official pair if necessary can be provided ford.
5. The construction of VX Terminal Stubbed Block is intensified because of the application of an angular tire through the stainless steel, which ensures mechanical strength to assembling. The elements of grounding each pair are electrically connected together, with the screen of cable and with the end fitting of grounding, located beyond the cable end of the Connection Module, near the connection of official pair, if the same is provided.
6. The pairs of cable are connected due to the plant conditions down the tail end of the block with the application of fitted contacts and with the subsequent hermetic sealing by filling for the sake of epoxy resin for guaranteeing the overall protection from the environmental effects. The openings under the fastening, which ensure the possibility of the STUB Module installation beyond the flat surfaces, are provided on both longitudinal sides of STUB Module.
7. VX Terminal Stubbed Block is especially recommended for:
a) Outdoor connections where the environmental conditions are extremely aggressive
b) Terminations where user development characteristics require future flexibility in terms of the type of protection or filtering capabilities.
8. Capacity of VX Terminal Stubbed Block: 10 Pair/11 Pair, 15 Pair/16 Pair, 20 Pair/21 Pair, 30 Pair/31 Pair.
  • Sizes:

Capacity(pairs) Length(mm)

10 + the official pair

20 + the official pair

30 + the official pair

50 + the official pair




  • Technical characteristics:

    Characteristics of the contact connection
    Connector of the distributive wire
Range of the section: diameter 0,4… 1,2 mm
Diameter on the isolation: it is maximal 5 mm
The current-response characteristics: 20 A (10 A on each conductor) during not less than 10 min, without the deformation of the module
Insulation resistance *  
“Dry” atmosphere: > 10 12 Ohm
“Moist” atmosphere (standard ASTM Of d618, procedure F): > 10 12[Om]
Salt fog: (standard ASTM Of b117) > 10 10 Ohm
Immersion beside the water: (15 days before 3% solution Of naCI) > 10 10 0[m]
The contact resistance  
R of material + R of the contact cross connection + by R of the contact connection of the wires < 10 m
Increase in the contact resistance  
After climatic testings: <2,5 m 
After 50 connections - turning offs: <2,5 m
Dielectric strength: >3 kV of direct current during 1 minute
  • Mechanical characteristics:
Hullthe material of strengthening the block: Stainless steel
Pair/drop wire housing screw    Special passivated direct Iacquered Zamac alloy
Drop wire housing body Transparent polycarbonate
Body    V-0 glass-filter reinforced polycarbonate
Insertion contacts      Tinned phosphor bronze
Ground contacts Cu-Zn-Ni-Ag alloy
Continuity contacts Tinned hard brass
Lower sealant    Epoxy resin
Upper cable sealant Silicone fluid /Hot Melt Adhesive
Pair/drop wire bearing cover Polycarbonate
Plug-in module body  V-0 glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate
Plug-in module sealant   Gel/Hot Melt Adhesive
“O”-ring       EPDM
Spring      Stainless steel
Cable/drop wire membrane    Thermoplastic rubber
  • Order Information:
10 Pair Terminal Block—ST VX-TM-10P
15 Pair Terminal Block—ST VX-TM-15P
20 Pair Terminal Block—ST VX-TM-20P
30 Pair Terminal Block—ST VX-TM-30P