SC/FC/LC/ST/MU/MTRJ/DIN/D4/SMA Fiber Optic Adapters, Optical Fiber Adaptor

                                     SC Adapter

                                      FC Adaptor

                                       LC Adapter

                                       ST Adapter

                                      MU Adaptor                                     DIN Adapter

                                        MTRJ Adaptor

                                        D4 Adapter                                      SMA Adaptor

  • Features:
1. Item Code: STFA
2. Compliant with: ANSI, Bellcore, TIA/EIA, and IEC standards.
3. Phosphor bronze or zirconia straight split sleeves.
4. Optical performance 100% factory test.
5. Material of Optical Adapters is compliant with RoHS approval.
6. Simplex/duplex for SM, MM connectors. 
7. PC/APC/UPC optional for.
8. High precision alignment.
9. Low insertion loss, high return loss.
10. High precision of mechanical dimensions.
11. Good compatibility, high reliability & stability.
12. Fiber Optic Adapters Types: SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, MTRJ, DIN, D4, SMA.