Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter SC-FC/SC-LC/SC-ST/FC-LC/FC-ST/FC-D4/SC-MU/SC-E2000 Types, Fiber Optical Adaptors

                                  SC-FC Type                                          SC-LC
                                  SC-ST Type                                          FC-LC Type
                                  FC-ST Type                                         FC-D4 Type
                                  SC-MU Type                                         SC-E2000 Type

  • Features:
1. Item Code: STHFA
2. Compliant with: ANSI, TIA/EIA, and IEC standards.
3. Slotted zirconia sleeve.
4. Full metal & mechanical structure for Hybrid Fiber Optical Adaptors.
5. Metal shell armored body.
6. High precision alignment.
7. Low insertion loss, high return loss.
8. Our Fiber Optic Adapter has good compatibility, high reliability & stability.
9. High precision of mechanical dimensions.
10. Simplex for SM, MM connectors. 
11. PC/APC/UPC optional.
12. Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter Types: SC-FC, SC-LC, SC-ST, FC-LC, FC-ST, FC-D4, SC-MU, SC-E2000.