MTP / MPO Fiber Optic Adaptor, MTP / MPO Fiber Coupler, MTP / MPO Optical Fiber Adapters

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer for MTP MPO Fiber Optic Adaptor which offers up to 12 times the density of standard connectors.

  • Description:
MTP/ MPO Fiber Optic Adaptor is to provide MTP / MPO patch cord to MTP/ MPO patch cord fiber connecting. MTP / MPO Adapter is flange type adaptor with plastic housing, both single mode and multimode ones available.
MTP/ MPO Optical Fiber Adapters are used in high-density backplane and printed circuit board (PCB) applications in data and telecommunications systems. MTP/ MPO Adapter can offer up to 12 times the density of standard connectors.
  • Features:
1. The MTP/ MPO Optical Fiber Adapters are one piece adapter design maximizes coupling strength while minimizing debris generation.
2. All adapters compatible with MTP Elite® brand connectors and standard grade MTP® brand connectors.
3. MTP / MPO Fiber Coupler is supplied with either one or two thermoplastic non-debris generating dust plugs.
4. Compatible with all US Conec MTP® brand connectors in fiber counts ranging from 4 to 72.
5. Optimal coarse alignment to minimize pin to ferrule debris generation.
6. High Precision, Low insertion loss.
7. The MTP/ MPO Fiber Optic Adaptor is easy to install, with good exchangeability and repeatability.
  • Technical Specifications:
Item Insert Loss Retentivity Repeatability Operating Temperature
SM/PC ≤0.5dB 100-300g ï¼0.5dB(500times) -40„ƒ~ +80„ƒ
SM/APC ≤0.5dB 100-300g ï¼0.5dB(500times) -40„ƒ~ +80„ƒ
MM/PC ≤0.5dB 100-300g ï¼0.5dB(500 times) -40„ƒ~ +80„ƒ

1. Array trunk cabling.
2. Array fiber to single fiber cassettes.
3. High fiber density card edge access.
4. Optical switching interframe connections.
5. Meets IEC Standard 61754-7.
6. Meets TIA/EIA 604-5 Type MPO.
7. Structured cabling per TIA-568-C.
8. Parallel Optics:
- Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Compliant
- Infiniband Compliant
- 10G Fiber Channel Compliant
- 40G and 100G IEEE 802.3
- SNAP 12
- POP 4