High Density Optical Fiber Distribution Frame with PLC Splitter, Wall Mounted Distribution Cabinets

We are China leading manufacturer for High Density Optical Fiber Distribution Frame with PLC Splitter, and many other types of Fiber Distribution Cabinets.

  • Termination Unit:
1. Fiber Capacity: 24, 48, 72, 96 core.
2. Fiber Termination and Splice Together.
3. 12 Cord Fiber Splice Patch Trays for Installation.
4. 19 Inch Rack for Installation.

5. Could install PLC Optical Splitter for capacity enlarging.

6. Splice tray for going out fiber splicing, storage tray for fiber storage, and there also are special management rings and ways so that makes fiber management clearer and trimmer.

  • Features:
1. Item code: STODF03.
2. Electrolysis sheet frame with electrostatic spraying in the whole.
3. 2 doors on each side design, cable entry from top or bottom, modular structure.
4. The Wall Mounted Distribution Cabinets could be installed flexibly as wall type or back type, and can be installed in large groups.
5. Cabinet STODF03 suits to ribbon and common cables, can install SC, FC, ST adapters.
6. Optical splitter installed to enlarge capacity with low costs.
7. Reliable device of fiber stripping, protection, fix and grounding in Wall Mounted Distribution Cabinets.
8. Fiber bent radius >= 40mm in anywhere.
9. Can install different types of fiber optic distribution unit boxes.
10. 42U High Density Fiber Distribution Frame with PLC Splitter. Depth: 500mm, Width: 900mm. Adjustable for 19"/21"/23".