MPO High Density Patch Panel 96 Port~288 Port, MPO Rack Mount Fiber Optic Termination Patch Panel 1U 2U 3U

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer for MPO High Density Patch Panel, MPO Rack Mount Fiber Optic Termination Patch Panel, which support high density of optical fiber connection and distribution.
  • Features:
1. Item code: STFU-MPO01
2. Both the panel and cassette are made of cold rolled sheet after electrostatic plastic spraying with nice appearance, and the cassettes are fixed on panel with pressing valve. The cassettes can be taken out one by one, and there is independent space in each cassette for coiling and patching of optical fibers, which are convenient for installation and maintenance, and can keep the whole panel tidy and neat.


3. Fiber count 12~24 core per cassette, panel size 1U can install 4 cassettes, 2U can install 8 cassettes, 3U can install 12 cassettes.

4. Capacity of MPO High Density Optical Fiber Patch Panel: 1U~3U, 12~288 core.
5. Suitable for MPO adapters and LC adapters.
6. Fiber bend radius control ≥ 40mm.
7. MPO Rack Mount Patch Panel is designed as 19” standard size applicable to MPO/MTP High Density Fiber Optic Cabinets.
8. MPO Fiber Termination Patch Panel has simple design and scientific structure to save space and costs for high density requirements of fiber connection and distribution.