Armored Patch Cable, Mini Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Armored Optical Fiber Jumper

  • Description:
Item Code: STAPC
Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer for Armored Patch Cable which is new designed Fiber Optic Patch Cords with stainless steel tube inside to protect the central fiber. So the Armored Patch Cord will not get damage even they are stepped by an adult and bit by rodents.
  • Structure:

  • Features: 
1. 600μm tight buffer fiber, steel tube protection, aramid yarn and reinforcing 
  steel-wire braiding flame-retardant jacket. 
2. Mini armored-protection for Armored Fiber Jumper.
3. The prominent advantage of Armored Patch Cord is high indentation strength and torsion damage resistance, high pull & pressure endurance, and prevention of rodents bite. 
4. Suited to SM fiber and MM fiber (50μm and 62.5μm). 
5. Armored Optical Fiber Patch Cables have excellent stripping performance of tight buffer fiber.
6. Small diameter, flexibility and easy bending.
7. Armored Jumper is the ideal for fiber optic temperature transmission project.

  • Application:
1. Test equipment.
2. Optical CATV & LAN.
3. Telecommunication networks widely use armored patch cord.
4. FTTH, FTTX, Optical communication networks.
5. Armored Patch Cable is specially suitable to use in serious working environment.