Optical Fiber Splice Storage Tray, No Jumper Splicing Cassette, Fiber Optic Splice Storage United Cassette

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer for Optical Fiber Splice Storage Tray, which is No Jumper Splicing Cassette unites splicing and storage together.
  • Features:
1. Item Code: STST12
2. The Fiber Optic Splice Storage Tray is applicable to Next Generation FDH Cabinet STCC01
3. Modular design & no jumper design unite the splicing, storage management and distribution of optical fiber together.
4. 12 core for one tray, there are respective guides and channels for optical fiber loose tubes and pigtails, the clear management protects optical fibers.
5. The structure of United Cassette has 3 layers, the middle one is splicing tray, upper one is cover, splicing and distribution together makes convenient operation.
6. The Fiber Optic Splicing Storage United Cassette is applicable to ribbon fiber cables and non-ribbon fiber cables.
7. Suitable for SC, FC, LC and ST adapters.
8. Bending radius more than 40mm.
9. There is 30° angle for adapters and connection modules, to ensure bending radius of jumpers, and avoid damage to operators from laser
10. There are many indications of splicing and distribution for recording.
11. The Fiber Splice Storage Tray is turn-able like booklet which makes convenient operation.