Wall Mount ODF 6 Core, Small Capacity Wall Mount Fiber Optic Distribution Box

We are China leading manufacturer for many types of Wall Mounted ODF including Small Capacity Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box, and other telecom products.

  • Description:
Wall mount ODF, as terminal box into FTTH, FTTX solutions, is used in indoor floor fiber optic distribution. Small Capacity of 6 Core is the specialty of Wall Mounted ODF STIFB10, and with small size to save the costs and meet customer’s special requirements.

  • Features:
1. Item Code: STIFB10
2. Installation: wall mounting.
3. Cable terminal, passive splitter, fiber distribution.
4. Material: cold rolled steel.
5. Capacity: 6 core per splice tray, max. 1 pcs.

6. Wall mount ODF adaptor type: SC, FC.

7. Small size: 26.2*20*7cm