SC, FC, LC, ST Plug-in Optical Attenuators, Plug In Attenuator

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer for SC/FC/LC/ST Plug-in Optical Attenuators, and many other types of Optical Attenuator.

  • Features:
1. Item code: STFAT-PI
2. Singlemode and multimode.
3. Multi attenuation methods, core off-set, air gap, and filtered.
4. Low insertion loss and back reflection.
5. Attenuation ranges from 1dB to 30 dB.
6. PC, UPC and APC polish types.
7. Types: SC Attenuator, FC Attenuator, LC Attenuator, ST Attenuator available.
8. One piece housing construction.
9. Metal-ion doped fiber.
10. Compliant with: ANSI, TIA / EIA and IEC standards.
11. Precision ceramic ferrule with endface geometry per IEC proposal.
12. Optical performance 100% factory tested.
13. Wavelength attenuation stability, polarization insensitive, environmentally stable.
  • Technical Specifications:
Characteristics Single Mode Multi Mode
Attenuation 1dB-20dB (1dB step) 25 dB,30dB 1dB-25dB (1dB step)
Operating Wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm 850nm or 1310nm
    Return  Loss SPC ≥40dB -
UPC ≥50dB
APC ≥60dB
1 dB -10dB ±0.5dB ±0.5dB
11 dB –15dB ±1.0dB
16 dB -30dB ±2.0dB
Maximum Power Capability 1W
Operating temperature -40℃~+75℃