Fiber Demarcation Closure 24 Core, Optical Fiber Demarcation Box, Fiber Optic Demarcation Closures

Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer for Fiber Optic Demarcation Closure, Optical Fiber Demarcation Box and many other telecom products.
  • Description:
Fiber optical demarcation boxes are applicable to FTTH networks. It is cost-effective solution for connection between optical fiber cables and drop cables in Multi Dwelling Units (MDU), for protecting the passive demarcation of premise fibers.
  • Features:
1. Item Code: STOFB10
2. Applications: FTTH solutions, MDU fiber optic installations, fiber demarcation.
3. Capacity: 24 core
4. Can be installed with SC adapters.
5. Dimension: 315*275*100mm
6. Material: ABS
7. The waterproof performances allow both outdoor use and indoor use.
8. The integral fiber retention system allowing for network upgrade and convenient installation.
9. The slack storage area inside subscriber demarcation boxes ensures minimum bend radius to prevent micro bends and fiber damage.