Outdoor Fiber Optical Distribution Box with PLC Splitter 1:32, Optical Splitter Boxes 32 Core


Summit Telecom is China leading manufacturer provides Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box with PLC Splitter, and many types of Optical Splitter Boxes.

  • Description:
1. Applicable to FTTH, FTTX solutions.
2. Outdoor fiber optic terminal boxes installed with optical splitter to enlarge fiber capacity and save cost for main Fiber Optical Cables.
3. Waterproof design, PC material with anti-erosion, UV-proof functions.
4. Lock type structure to keep safe, switching is simple.
5. Can be indoor use for floor fiber optical distribution.

  • Features:
1. Item code: STOFB07.
2. Fiber optic distribution box with 1:32 PLC splitter.
3. Pole or wall mounting.
4. Cable terminal, passive splitter, fiber distribution.
5. Material: PC material.
6. Waterproof: IP66.
7. Max. capacity is 36 core without PLC splitter, max. installed with 4 pcs 1:8 PLC splitters.
8. Adaptor type: SC, LC.
9. FTTH drop cable and quick connectors can be adopted.